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What a great group of player and coaches! You all make this so worth it! Pictured - 2014 Jr. National Qualifiers - 18 Platinum

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Summer One U Development and One U Prep programs here


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Details for the Fall Training Season here

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Teams are prepping for the GJNC in New Orleans, LA; AAU Championships in Orlando, FL; and Festival in Phoenix, AZ - All coming at the end of the month! Have fun!

Congratulations are in order for our 15 Platinum and 17 Platinum teams for earning bids to the GJNC in New Orleans as well! #COVtakesLA

Girls 16-18U Region Championships this past weekend. We also had a crew return from the Far Western NQ in Reno - we were witness to some very awesome volleyball! Thanks gals :o)

Check out the Calendar to see all our current and upcoming activities. One U Tryout Prep, Open Gyms, One U Development...

Girls indoor season Championships are closing in. Guys will have an opportunity to play a tournament in California. Our One Beach and One U schedules are filling up - don't you just love volleyball!

Of note, we would like to welcome Jason Watson, ASU Volleyball Head Coach, and some of his coaching staff - Linda Hampton-Keith and Jackie Bunker - to our team. We are blessed and excited to have them on board.

The 2015 schedule for One U Development all-skills clinics for 4th-8th graders is set. Our monthly sessions begin on May 5th, so don’t forget to register your participation on our One U page.

We are taking early registration for the June One U School - Positional Training session now! See our One U page for registration information.

Along with the pre-tryout sessions, we continue to offer One U Development all-skills clinics for 4th-8th graders through the month of October.

Check out the One U Tryout Prep session and Open Gyms schedule leading up to Boys tryouts in August.

The 18Platinum are off to CA today for the SCVA Boy's Classic. Good luck guys!

Looking forward to having some guys back in the gym as they train for a trip to California in June!

The Fall Training Session is open for registration. See the details on the One Beach page - offering 1-2 days/week training options this season.

More Beach Tournaments on the way - see all the details on the calendar for the July 3rd & July 11th tourney's (or visit the Beach page)! Registration to open about 2 weeks prior to the tournament. And don't forget about our Open Sands!


In a step to further legitimize the sport of Beach Volleyball, the NCAA Division I Legislative Council approved a measure to establish a national collegiate championship in the sport. Read the entire write-up here.

Do you think coaches have "favorite" players? I do. And apparently there are other coaches that do as well...

"My favorite players show enthusiasm, look at me when I talk, [more]

The words we use do make a difference, don't they. Check out what Daniel Coyle has to say about the difference between Drill and Challenge in his October 6th post @ TheTalentCode.com

Musings on Volleyball and the mindset it takes to compete and succeed in this sport. We will offer insights from some of our coaching staff as well as share some of the things that we come across as we are “out there” studying the game.

We realize that skill is certainly a big part of what makes for success, but without the development of the mind, there are limitations to how much growth one can expect. Let’s explore more together!

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